“David Whalen Project” New Website


David Whalen’s music is a melting pot of influences such as melodic elements from the band Journey, lyrical elements from artists like Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton, and the rock elements from Bryan Adams

All of these influences have been incorporated into the David Whalen Project sound. His musical genre is classified as “Americana” and his tag line: “Music With Heart” is the main theme throughout his music. His Heart felt lyrics, melodies and masterful guitar work in “After All These Years”   and on “With Me Nov.” are great examples of the depth to which David strives to reach. The songs are very well crafted and allow the casual listener to enjoy the face value but the deeper more introspective listener to be rewarded as they delve into the songs arrangements, musicianship and most importantly the message and meaning.

David began his journey as a drummer. Gifted with natural born rhythm and timing as a youth, he parleyed his desire to express himself into the acoustic guitar at age 13. His Uncle Thomas was a huge influence and David’s mother interjected the early musical influences Simon and Garfunkle, Mario Lanza and Chet Atkins to name a few. Almost immediately David bought his first electric guitar and amp, and this created a spark and the beginning of his professional career. Playing with friends and other musicians, David honed his craft with early bands like “Storm;” and the “David and Eric Project”.

The bands performed at concerts, clubs, parties and variety shows. David improved dramatically and started touring with bands like: “Smoke McNasty”, “Odessa”, “Force Five”, “Fast Cookies’ and more recently “Tower”.

Tower was a power trio and David was the driving force, playing lead/rhythm guitars and singing lead/backing vocals. This is also the time that creating original music began to be his priority. “Tower” achieved critical acclaim playing a large portion of originals, which propelled them to play wit the likes of “Cheap Trick“.

David has now taken ALL of these experiences and rolled them into one dynamic sound. This incarnation is primarily about writing, producing and recording hi quality originals. With many bookings as a solo act under his belt and winner of the NYM&TS award for “BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE”, it is now  time to explore a National/International tour that highlights his music

CLICK HERE:  http://www.davidwhalenproject.com/

About David Whalen

Local Recording artist, David Whalen of Wrightsville, PA 1st single available on itunes: “With Me Now”. Two others are released and will up available shortly on itunes and throughout various marketplaces to include amazon and spotify. He has been playing guitar and singing since age 13. The focus is on writing and recording originals from his Wrightsville Studio.
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